Lurga uses the most diverse materials, in order to meet the specific needs of the product to be produced, to monetize production, as well as to optimize the investment costs of the punches


The design allows:

Ensure quality of the tablet

Maximize tablet production

Increase the durability of the product


The steel choice is according to:

Compression Force


Product (API)


Production Volume


Tablet format

Different types of steel respond to different types of problems, each steel has its purpose.
Standard quality compression without special requirements, steel of superior quality with high durability.
L20 resilient steel, very resistant to wear and compression force.
L100 pulp-metallurgical steel with very high wear resistance and compressive strength.


L51 - stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.

L56 - resilient stainless steel that combines the characteristics of resistance to corrosion with resistance to wear and compression force.


Lurga has developed, together with Universities and technological partners, a range of coatings to meet the needs of its customers. It is a continuous work of applied research that Lurga develops. We highlight some of our coatings:

Heat treatment:

• Lurga uses the most advanced heat treatment technology
• We obtain the best properties for our steels
•Steel often requires heat treatment to improve its properties, namely:
– increase hardness
– increase resistance to compression force
– increase corrosion resistance.
or neutralize the negative effectsresulting from previous manufacturing processes, for example: remove internal stresses generated by manufacturing processes.
Optimal performance depends on the quality of the heat treatment.
• The treatment method must be suitable for each application.
We improved the characteristics of the steel, through the appropriate heat treatment, depending on the product to be compressed.

Productive Process and Know-how:

The production process of the compression tools is unique and allows the choice of the best steels for punches manufacture, never forgetting the environmental sustainability and the implementation of industry 4.0 as well as the automation of our production process.
Accumulated knowledge, technology and partnerships with its customers, universities and suppliers, allows Lurga to offer current and innovative solutions to its customers.